Event Services

Ace Tent and Party Rentals provides tent and party rentals the Lower Mainland and the entire Fraser Valley. We work with you to help make your special events memorable, for you and your guests!

Our event rental services include tents, chairs, chair covers and coloured sashes, tables, food warmers, heaters and propane cookers, dance floors, bars and MANY more items. Contact us direct if you don’t see what you need in our list of rental items.

Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. Policies

Please read our terms and conditions below. These form a part of the rental agreement our customers agree to when they order products and services. 

1.       The customer agrees to use all the Ace Tent and Party Rental Inc. property in a careful and proper manner, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The customer is responsible for any permits which may be required and is also responsible to “Call before you dig (1-800-474-6886)” to map out any underground gas or utilities lines and to let our delivery personnel know about them.

2.       A 50% deposit is required for all rentals at the time the order is reserved. Deposits are non-refundable (some exceptions apply). Cancelations 15 days prior to function are 100% payable by the customer (some exceptions apply). Balance of payment on orders is to be paid in full upon delivery, if paying by cash or 5 days before the event date, if paying by cheque or credit card.

3.       The Customer agrees to return all rented items on time and agrees that in the event of a late return, the customer will pay a late charge equal to the rental rate.

4.       The Customer is personally responsible for inspecting the rental items prior to their use on the event date and for notifying Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. of any defects before the event date. The customer acknowledges that there are no warranties on these items for minor defects from normal wear and tear that are not readily apparent.

5.       The Customer agree to pay for any incidents including but not limited to damaged, lost, altered, or stolen items. Except for reasonable rental usage, all items must be returned in their normal condition. For each item returned with tears, coloured stains, candle burns or wax marks that may be damaged beyond repair, the Customer authorizes their credit card to be charged for any charges related to damaged items. To avoid cleaning and/or replacement charges, the customer also agrees to the following:

a)     Rinse all dishes and cutlery, prior to return.

b)     Use mechanical or drip-less candles near all linens. Full replacement costs will be charged for linens returned with candle-wax stains, burns, mildew, rips & tears, staple marks, tape, glue, gum, or other irremovable stains. Please shake out all linens and keep dry to prevent mildew from building.

c)      Use only elasticized table covers or plastic table clips to hold down table coverings. Tables and chairs returned with staples, tape, glue, gum residue, or other damage will result in cleaning or replacement fees.

d)     Pay Fees for all required post-cleaning of tents including, but not limited to smoke, tar, lipstick, ink, crepe paper/tissue paper bleeds, sap, wax, grease, paint, gum, tape, wine, food, flower, pollen, and any other stain or markings. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN THE TENT FABRIC YOURSELF. You may wipe down the tent fabric and poles with a mild soap and water solution and a micro-fiber cloth only. Other products, solutions, and cloths can seriously damage the material and may result in full canopy replacement costs (please note that tent canopy replacement costs can be several thousand dollars).

The Customer agrees that Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. is authorized to process a debit against the customer’s charge card for late charges, cleaning fees and replacement costs for damaged or unreturned items.

6.       Damage waiver fee is an optional non-refundable 7% charge added to all rental contracts unless otherwise declined. It limits Customers liability by 75% against accidental damage from normal usage. Damage waiver does not cover loss or damage that occurs due to negligence, theft, or willful intent. Lost items are not covered by the damage waiver and are charged at replacement cost price. You are responsible for any loss or damage to the rented items and for their return in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear.

7.       The Customer hereby freely, voluntarily and without duress releases Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. from any liability or claim that the Customer may have against Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. with respect to, any loss, expenses, penalties, damages, costs or personal injuries, illness including death suffered by the Customer, their guests or anyone else by reason of transportation, handling, operation or use of rental equipment. The Customer understands and acknowledges that this release discharges Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. from any and all liability or claim that the Customer may have against Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. The Customer agrees to use all equipment solely at their own risk. Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. is not the manufacturer, representative, nor the agent for the manufacturer, therefore no warranties are given, expressed or implied as to the design, quality, capacity and safety of the products. The Customer does hereby release and forever discharge and hold harmless Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. and its successors and assigns from any and all liability claims, and demands of whatever kind of nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from Customer’s possession and use of Ace Tent and Party Rentals Inc. equipment.

8.       In event of severe weather, immediately vacate the tent. Severe weather can result in risk of tent collapse and lightning strikes. During electrical storms please leave immediately. Do not touch ANY portion of the tent or attempt to secure it.

Our event rental service area includes the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley (from Vancouver to Chilliwack, including Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Richmond, Mission & Coquitlam.) Outside of this area? Give us a call. We'll do our best to assist you!